St Petersburg University cementing its ties with Indonesia

The delegation from the Hasanuddin University has visited SPbU.

The delegation, SPbU Deputy Rector for International Affairs Sergei Andrushin and senior lecturer Svetlana Banit, Department of Philology of South-East Asia, discussed the opportunities for collaboration. The delegation was headed by Rector of the Hasanuddin University Professor Dvia Aries Tina Pulubukhu and Director of International Collaboration Mohammed Ikbal Javad.

The Hasanuddin University is located in the west of Indonesia, in Makassar in the island of Sulawesi. It is a young university and is aiming to establish new international contacts in the academic community.

“St Petersburg University has long since been teaching the Indonesian language, — said Sergei Andrushin. — Students and staff are interested in academic exchange, and the academic community is always interested in academic visits”. Our scientists are actively engaged in studying economy, international relations, and political processes in multi-national Indonesia. It could form a solid ground for joint research projects and joint grants.

“Indonesia is a multi-national country, and each nation has its own language. We can to see how different nations are collaborating between each other in your country”, — said Professor Dvia Aries Tina Pulubukhu. She also said that the Indonesian scientists, in their turn, are interested in modern studies of the social and political processes in Russia. She told that they were ready to accept Russian students and staff and send their academics to St Petersburg.

Of special interest was medical research, Rector of the Hasanuddin University is a surgeon by education.

Our University has Faculty of Medicine and its own clinic that serves as a platform for a wide range of medical studies.

SPbU Deputy Rector for International Affairs Sergei Andrushin

St Petersburg University has a rich experience in collaborating in medicine with the Vietnamese and Chinese research centres. It also has a laboratory of translation biomedicine that is headed by Raul Gainetdinov.

The Indonesian research centres are interested in studying the infectious diseases in the tropical regions and developing of biomolecular studies. Today, it is collaborating with Japan and Italy and is planning to cement its ties with Russia.

The parties agreed to discuss the opportunities for collaboration with a specific focus on integrated research, in particular genome research.