The Club of Korean Students of Russia Universities has been created on the initiative of the Korea—Russia Dialogue Forum and St Petersburg University.

Its main goal is to support and develop ties between the student communities of the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation. The club can also help Korean students get to know their compatriots studying in Russia; find friends; and demonstrate their professional, research, and creative abilities.

Among the tasks the Club is set to perform is to ensure the development of personal and professional qualities of Korean students; to engage students in research; to hold joint events; and to organise recreation and leisure activities.

The club will analyse the needs of Korean students to develop recommendations for university staff and officials on the issues related to social, psychological, and communicative adaptation of Korean citizens arriving to study in Russia. The club is also set to engage in developing the measures to improve the conditions for the stay of international students in Russian universities. The club will be also engaged in developing measures to assess and improve the quality of the teaching and learning process.

To become a member of the Korean Students Club, you need to join the Telegram channel. Learn more about the community on the website of the Korea—Russia Dialogue Forum.