Within the framework of the Russian-Chinese negotiations in the Kremlin, St Petersburg University signed a cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University. The documents were signed by the Rector of St Petersburg University Nikolay Kropachev and the Rector of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong.

The agreement on the creation of the ‘Russian Research Institute at Tsinghua University’ became the only agreement in the field of education signed during bilateral negotiations on 5 June. 

The new centre will become an important base for comprehensive cooperation. It will conduct strategic and applied research of Russia and Russian-Chinese relations in the spheres of industrial policy and development, education, science, technology and culture. In addition, the agreement provides for strategic partnership between the parent universities, as well as the implementation of cultural and student exchange programmes. 

‘Over the past decade, the number of Chinese students at St Petersburg University has more than quadrupled and now exceeds 2,000; while the number of Russian students studying Chinese has more than tripled and has already exceeded 1,000.
Nikolay Kropachev, Rector of St Petersburg University

Today St Petersburg University cooperates closely with scientific and educational organisations of the People's Republic of China. St Petersburg University has established contacts with more than 50 Chinese partners, including not only the country's leading universities but also the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province. In addition, the University cooperates with more than 30 Chinese-owned companies.

We have implemented many joint projects in the sphere of education, science and culture. I am sure that our agreement with Tsinghua University can give a new impetus to our relations with our Chinese partners, and bring them to a new level,’ said the Rector of St Petersburg University Nikolay Kropachev. 

Addressing the press after the negotiations, President Putin noted that Chairman Xi will be awarded the title of honorary doctor of St Petersburg State University during his visit to St Petersburg.

 ‘I am pleased to say that the rector of St Petersburg University is present here, and the ceremony of conferring the title of an honorary doctor of St Petersburg University on Chairman Xi Jinping will take place,’ President Putin said. 

Every tenth academic programme of St Petersburg University has a Chinese component. These include: ‘Laws (with Advanced Study of the Chinese Language and the Law of the PRC)’; ‘Economics (with Advanced Study of the Есоnomy of China and the Chinese language)’; and ‘Organisation of Tourist Activities (with Advanced Study of the Chinese Language)’.

Additionally, in 2019, St Petersburg University became the first university in Russia to sign an agreement with China's largest online education platform, XuetangX.