Makeeva Natalia V.

Senior Lecturer

Макеева Н.В.


  • St.Petersburg
  • 199034
  • Universitetskaya emb., Build. 11


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  • 2013–2016: PhD candidate, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St.Petersburg
  • 2000–2004: MA in Social Anthropology, Faculty of Ethnology, European University in St.Petersburg
  • 1999–2000: Nuffic grant for the study at the University of Leiden, Netherlads
  • 1993–1999: Specialist in Egyptology, Faculty of Oriental Studies, St. Petersburg State University;

Professional positions:

  • 2010-Current: Senior Lectrurer, Department of History of the Ancient East countries, St.Petersburg State University


  • Russian (native),
  • English (fluent),
  • French (reading),
  • German (reading),
  • Arabic (reading)

Research interests:

  • Languages and Literature of Ancient Egypt


Courses taught:

  • Middle Egyptian language
  • New Egyptian language
  • Coptic language
  • History of Ancient Egypt
  • Geography of Ancient Egypt
  • Ethnology of Ancient Egypt


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  • Some observations on sound and word plays in the texts of Amenhotep III // Aegyptiaca Rossica  4. 2016. P. 246–261 (in English).
  • Language and History Realities in Egyptian royal laudatory Texts // University Science and Humanity Journal №16 (2015). P. 219–226 (in Russian).
  • Observations on a Ramesside Letter: Papyrus Hermitage ДВ-1119 (in coauthorship with A. Nikolaev) // Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 101 (2015). P. 365–376.
  • Metaphors and historical Data in two royal Eulogies from Thebes / St. Petersburg Egyptological Readings LXXVI (2015). P. 132–143 (in Russian).
  • Litanies of Amon-Re: Borrowings in the royal ‘poetical’ texts of New Kingdom? / Aegyptiaca Rossica 3 (2015). P. 157–178 (in Russian).
  • Luahun Hymns to Senwosret III: a Script for a Ritual or Draft for a Relief? / St. Petersburg Egyptological Readings LXVI (2013). P. 143–152 (in Russian).
  • Why does the King makes a Vow? / Петербургские египтологические чтения: памяти Евгения Степановича Богословского // St. Petersburg Egyptological Readings LXVI (2013). P. 132–142 (in Russian).