Gerasimov Igor V.

Герасимов И.В.


  • St.Petersburg
  • 199034
  • Universitetskaya emb., Build. 11


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Personal information: 

Name: Igor V. Gerasimov
Date of birth: 20 January 1964
Place of birth: St. Petersburg, Russia
Nationality: Russian


  • Sept. 1981-June 1987 St. Petersburg University, The Department of Oriental Studies (St. Petersburg State University)


  • History and politics of Arabian countries, Islamic History, Literature.
  • Studied Modern Arabic Literature, History and politics of the Middle East and North Africa, Arabic, English, Hebrew, French.

Field experience:

  • Sept. 1984 – July 1985 The Institute for teaching Arabic for foreigners  Damascus, Syria)
  • Specialization: Arabic language, Literature
  • St. Petersburg University 1985-1987
  • Master’s Degree in Oriental Studies 1987
  • Dec. 1987-Dec. 1990, St. Petersburg University, The Faculty of Journalism, Graduate School.
  • August 2013 Sudan (visiting of Darfur)
  • January-February 2014 Sudan (visiting Sennar, Wad Madani, 6 Cataract)


  • Foreign journalism.
  • December 1994 Ph.D. in Linguistics ( The Literature of foreign peoples of Asia and Africa) and Ph.D. in Journalism,
  • June 2013 Doctor in History. 


  • January 1991 – January 1997 Teaching assistant of the faculty of Journalism
  • Since January 1997 senior – lecturer of the Faculty of Journalism 
  • Since Sept. 1996 – May 1998 part-time lecturer in the Faculty of Oriental Studies
  • Since October 1998 – January 2000 half-time lecturer in the Faculty of Oriental Studies
  • Since 2002 - Associate professor of the Department of Arabic Studies ( Faculty of the Oriental Studies) 
  • Since 2009 – Associate professor of the Department of History of the Near East


  • lectured The History of Arabic Press, Grammar of Arabic.


  • Fluent in Russian, Arabic, English.
  • Working knowledge of French, Hebrew.


  • Member ( Secretary) of the Center of African Studies ( St. Petersburg State University), 
  • Member of Association of Humanitarian Relations with the Arabian countries.