St Petersburg University to train specialists jointly with Hyundai Motor

The prospects for cooperation with one of the largest Korean companies have been discussed at St Petersburg University.

According to Sergey Andryushin, Deputy Rector for International Affairs, the University is actively developing international cooperation with the Republic of Korea. For example, it is at St Petersburg University that the «Russian Coordinating Committee of the Dialogue Russia — Republic of Korea Forum» is headquartered. It is an open venue for discussing current issues of cooperation between the civil societies of the two countries. The first foreign representative office of St Petersburg University was opened at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies ​​in Seoul. Sergey Andryushin noted that, in cooperation with the Hyundai Motor Company, St Petersburg University was willing to create and implement new educational programmes (such as «Law with Advanced Studies in Korean Language and Law of the Republic of Korea»). Currently, St Petersburg University is training specialists in the «Economics» and «Management» fields of study; and the graduates will be equipped with knowledge of the Korean corporate culture and economy.

There are more details of the cooperation between St Petersburg University and the Hyundai Motor Company in the «St Petersburg University» magazine (No 4, June 2018)

Sergey Andryushin also spoke about the IT project launched by St Petersburg University together with Samsung. It is called the Internet of Things Academy of St Petersburg University. The project will include a field-specific course that will teach programmers to model various communication processes between interactive devices. Sergey Andryushin suggested that Hyundai representatives should develop case studies which could serve as examination assignments for students after they have completed the appropriate course.

According to Mr Jang Moojung, Head of the Personnel Management Department, St Petersburg University is well-known in the Republic of Korea, and its graduates are in demand among Korean employers. Some of them work at the Hyundai Motor plant. The strategic goal of the company is human resource development; it is therefore striving to attract as many competent specialists as possible and to increase the level of its employees’ qualifications. «Our company is primarily associated with the production of high-quality vehicles. Hyundai Motor ranks first in terms of production output in its own country and fourth in the global ranking of the major automakers,» Mr Jang Moojung said. «We would naturally like to cooperate with you in the implementation of educational programmes, but it is also important to foster cooperation with the University as a whole. We are also interested in establishing a system of internships that will allow students, starting from their fourth year at the University, to have practical training at our manufacturing site, with future job prospects.»

As a result of the meeting, a decision was made to send to Hyundai for review: information about the educational programme councils; and a list of the University’s master programmes that could be of interest to the company. Its representatives will then be able to further address the issue of signing an agreement with St Petersburg University.