International applicants now have the opportunity to submit their applications for admission to bachelor, specialist degree and master programmes as well as supporting documents through a personal account.


International applicants may now submit documents to take part in a competition for government-funded and contractual places. Successful enrollment on government-funded places entitles them to study at SPbU free of charge, be accommodated at the University halls of residence on favourable terms and be paid a monthly state academic scholarship regardless of their academic performance.

International applicants do not have to come to St Petersburg in person to take part in the competition for the government-funded places of SPbU main educational programmes or to apply for SPbU master and aspirantura programmes on a contractual basis. A competition for them is held by correspondence by a competitive selection of portfolios and taking into account their individual achievements. Future students who want to study on a government-funded basis have to upload their documents through the personal accounts from 12 February to 8 June. For those planning to study on a contractual basis, access to the personal account will be granted until 6 July.

International applicants to the contractual places of SPbU bachelor and specialist degree programmes will have to participate in the competitive selection in person. You can plan your trip to St Petersburg beforehand using the schedule of admissions tests published on the SPbU official website.

For more information about admissions see the official website of SPbU. You are free to ask our Admissions Committee specialists any questions. We are located at 13b Universitetskaya Embankment, St Petersburg. Tel. +7 (812) 363 6633; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..