The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of the Congo Jean-Claude Gakosso has visited SPBU to meet SPbU’s Senior Vice-Rector Ilia Dementiev and tell the students how the Russian Revolution has influenced life in Africa.

In 1983, Jean-Claude Gakosso graduated in Journalism from the Leningrad State University. He has been successful in politics in the Republic of the Congo where he has hold different positions. As Minister of the Foreign Affairs, he is actively contributing to cementing ties with Russia.

He told that he was glad to visit the University where he had spent one of the most important periods in his life. “I am asking you to see my visit as a gesture of friendship and acknowledgement for what Russia has done for Africa in educating and preparing high-calibre specialists”, — said Jean-Claude Gakosso. Many members of the Government of the Republic of the Congo, including the Minister of Defense, Minister of Transport, Minister of Agriculture, and members of the Parliament have gained a degree in the Soviet Union, he says.

One of the priorities of the University is to make our education globally competitive, said the SPbU’s Senior Vice-Rector Ilia Dementiev.  

We have a great pleasure in inviting international students to the University and make them appreciate our traditions and quality of education.

SPbU’s Senior Vice-Rector Ilia Dementiev

The overarching priority of the University is research, including in social sciences and humanities, says the Senior Vice-Rector, and our University is open for collaboration with the Republic of the Congo. “Our researchers are engaged in a number of ethnographic, linguistic, political research projects on Africa”, — said Ilia Dementiev.

Jean-Claude Gakosso officially joined the SPbU’s Alumni Association. The Executive Director of the Alumni Association Maria Gorizontova invited him to an annual meeting “Reunion” that is to be held in February 17, 2018 and awarded him a lapel pin of the member of the Association. “I will definitely wear it when I will be meeting with the Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov in the UN”, — said Jean-Claude Gakosso.

His open lecture focused on how the Russian Revolution influenced Africa. Historically, Africa was divided into the parts where the European countries ruled, he said. The Russian Revolution was a very important event for a well-educated part of the Africa population who was dreaming about the Africa’s independence.

For the Africa’s peoples and nations, the Russian Revolution opened new horizons: we saw how we could implement right of the peoples for independence and sovereignty. Russia has greatly contributed to how Africa has been evolving. In 1917, Russia showed us how we should go further.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of the Congo Jean-Claude Gakosso

Russia-Congo cooperation is on the rise, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of the Congo Jean-Claude Gakosso. “One of the projects that we have been discussing with the Russia’s Government is a project to build a 1,200-km pipeline in the Republic of the Congo. Our diplomatic relationships are harmonious: we regularly meet at the UN’s headquarter in New York. Russia actively supports Congo and other African countries, and we do our best to cement our ties”, — said the Minister of the Foreign Affairs Jean-Claude Gakosso.