The delegation from Tarbiat Modares University, Iran, has visited SPbU to discuss the opportunities for collaboration in education and research.

Before the delegation visited the University, Iran, as its aim is to develop collaboration in education and research, suggested a video-conference where they discussed the opportunities for collaboration in sociology, urban planning, political science, international relations, mathematics, and aero-space technologies.

The SPbU’s Rector Deputy for International Affairs Sergei Andrushin, TMU’s Rector Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi, and TMU Research and Engineering Park’s Director Fatholla Ommi discussed a draft of the memorandum of understanding. Earlier, the parties had met at the III Forum of the Rectors of Russia and Iran held in Moscow State University in October 27.

Today, SPbU has partner relationships with two universities of Iran: University of Teheran and Art University of Isfahan, said Sergei Andrushin.

For the last six months, SPbU and Iran’s scientists have published 27 works.

SPbU’s Rector Deputy for International Affairs Sergei Andrushin

“Obviously, we will develop our scientific potential with Iran. I hope that our collaboration will cover the deficit of information at SPbU, and our scientists will therefore more actively collaborate with you”, — said Sergei Andrushin.

“Tarbiat Modares University is Iran’s leading university in terms of graduate and post-graduate study that offers 178 master programmes and 143 post-graduate programmes, — said Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi. — For a long time we primarily offered the re-training programmes and programmes of continuous education for those who have a degree. Today among our overarching priorities is interdisciplinary research and global cooperation”. TMU has 3,700 post-graduate students and 5,200 graduate students. The university has partner relationships with sic Russia’s universities in natural sciences, engineering, medicine, and arts.

The head of the Department for International Research and Engineering Collaboration Irina Samylina told about the results of the video-conference and visit of the biochemists and physiologists in the TMU Resource Centre in October. “We created a group of researchers who are interested in collaborating with the Iranian colleagues. Now we are expecting Iranian part to tell us what they focus on in science”, — said Irina Samylina. Iran is particularly interested in molecular biology, translational biomedical and genome research, and neurophysiology.

To cement our ties with Iran we will develop an agreement of collaboration that we will discuss in the nearest future.