The students of the Institute of Russian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (the Republic of Korea) studying in the exchange programmes at St Petersburg University have met with the representatives of St Petersburg University and discussed a joint plan of events for 2022.

Valeriia Malomuzh, Acting Deputy Rector for International Affairs at St Petersburg University, thanked the students for cooperation in promoting the projects on the development of the Representative Office of St Petersburg University in the Republic of Korea. He also underscored that in 2022, the University has a goal to boost the Office’s activity. To this end, a plan of events was developed taking into account the experience of interaction with the Korean partners. It was proposed to discuss the vision and implementation of the plan at the meeting. For example, already today, the University is ready to organise classes on Russian literature for the students of philology. One of them is a course of lectures by Nikolai Guskov, Associate Professor in the Department of the History of Russian Literature: ‘The Path from "The Green Lamp" to "The Diamond Crown" devoted to the 125th anniversary from the birthday of Valentin Kataev’. It was suggested that teachers and experts in other research fields be invited to give presentations and lectures. Specialists in the Asian and African studies at St Petersburg University can tell the participants about the translation process from Korean and achievements in the field of Middle Eastern studies, studies of religion and culture. Lectures about the museums of St Petersburg University in English can also be delivered.

Other important events include: "The Day of St Petersburg University in Korea", when representatives of the University will share the details of the admission process, intellectual competitions, contests and Olympiads; and the celebration of the anniversary of Vladimir Arsenyev, an ethnographer, writer and specialist in African and Asian studies.

Lee Ha Son is a student of the Institute of Russian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, who studies at St Petersburg University within the framework of an exchange programme in the field of "Korean Studies and the History of Korea". She said that Korean students would be interested in attending a course of lectures on the Renaissance and the Russian culture. The students are also ready to consider other topics for classes. Teachers at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies are interested in cooperation in the field of simultaneous interpreting from Russian into Korean.

Winners of the Russian language contest in the Republic of Korea are announced

Answering the questions of Valeriia Malomuzh, Acting Deputy Rector for International Affairs at St Petersburg University, Lee Ha Son said that currently Korean students studying at the University experience no difficulties. She noted that last year she was able to take part in the meeting of the Russian-Korean speaking club with the participation of Russian students in the online format due to the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, since the restrictions are gradually lifted, it has become possible to hold such an event in person. ‘We would like to take part in a joint event with Russian students — a meeting or a conference to discuss the topics of mutual interest. We will appreciate it if you could share the information about the forthcoming student events and we will be happy to take part in them,’ added Lee Ha Son.

When discussing the plan of events at the Representative Office of St Petersburg University in the Republic of Korea in 2022, Lee Ha Son said that it is planned to hold an annual contest in the Russian language among the students of Korean universities in May. Additionally, students expressed readiness to contribute to preparing and holding contests at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in creating videos about everyday life of students in Russia and the Republic of Korea. The participants of the contests could share how they study and prepare for their trip to Russia. It was suggested that the heads of the relevant departments should be invited to take part in creating the videos. The exact date and time can be jointly determined by the representatives of the two universities.

We think that it is important to start taking small steps and move on to more complicated stages in organising the events. Thus, we will gain the required experience and move forward.

Lee Ha Son, a student at the Institute of Russian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

According to Korean students, May is the most convenient month to hold joint events. Students will complete their exams in April and will be free to actively participate in all activities.

The students of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies also said that there is a school in Seoul that specialises in studying the Russian language and literature, where they perform practical work in teaching. Students suggested providing the school management and potential applicants with the information materials about St Petersburg University.

The participants in the meeting also discussed a new possibility for Korean students to take part in: the creation of the news section on the website of the Representative Office of St Petersburg University; and the work of the Korea—Russia Dialogue Forum of civil societies.