On 22 November, St Petersburg University became the first Russian university to launch the online programme ‘Russian for Beginners’ for international students. The programme is available in English on the OpenEdu Platform.

This date was not chosen at random. On 22 November, 220 years ago, the distinguished Russian-language lexicographer and author of the ‘Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language’, Vladimir Dal was born. In Russia, each year to honour his birthday on 22 November, we celebrate the Day of dictionaries and encyclopaedias.

Students will get acquainted with the Russian alphabet, learn how to read, study basic grammar, learn words, and simple phrases. Also, they will learn how to introduce themselves, talk about their families and hobbies, ask for directions or congratulate people.

During the programme, students will watch videos, listen to dialogues, and assess their knowledge by doing tests and completing assignments in order to master the most important language skills step by step.

By the end of the course, students will be able to communicate in Russian at A1 level.

The programme ‘Russian for Beginners’ will be a flying start in facilitating everyday or professional communication in Russian.