The deadline for international applicants to the government-funded places at St Petersburg University is approaching.

21 May is the due date to apply for main educational programmes of higher education on the government-funded basis and submit all required documents. 

Foreign nationals, stateless citizens, and compatriots residing abroad are eligible to take part in an Open Competition for admission to St Petersburg University in 2021 within the quota established by the Russian Federation Government Decree No 2150 as of 18 December 2020. 

In order to enter the competition, applicants are required to register for a Personal Account, fill in an application for admission and submit the required documents electronically. There is a video guide which demonstrates how to use the applicant’s Personal Account step by step.

Required documents:

  • application for admission (to up to three educational programmes)
  • questionnaire for participation in the competition (Please make sure to fill in Clause 14 thereof. Only St Petersburg University must be specified in Clause 26. Clauses 31 and 32 should be left blank.)
  • consent of the candidate to personal data processing, transmission and storage
  • copy of applicant’s identity document
  • educational credential and supplements (or a statement from an educational organisation containing information on the level of the educational programme the applicant is studying at the moment and their performance during requested semesters of study)
  • medical certificates (a medical certificate on absence of contraindication against studying and a medical certificate on the absence of the HIV virus and AIDS may be provided by the beginning of June)
  • photo (3×4 cm)
  • documents (portfolios)

The admissions tests are held in the form of a competitive selection of documents (portfolios). To see the programme of an admissions test, simply click on the admissions test title in the list of educational programmes of the corresponding level — undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral. Portfolio assignments and all required supporting documents must also be submitted via the applicant’s Personal Account by the deadline.

For applicants to undergraduate and graduate programmes, the obligatory part of portfolio is a motivation letter. For applicants to doctoral programmes, it is essential to upload a document confirming their proficiency in the language, in which the educational programme is taught.

Lists of applicants who have successfully passed the admissions tests (competitive selection of documents) will be published on the official SPbU website no later than 7 June 2021.