Shinshu University Vice-President  for International Relations Kiyoshi Tanaka  paid a visit to St Petersburg University. During the visit the framework cooperation agreement was signed.

The idea of the partnership agreement was initiated by scientists and researchers of St Petersburg university, who know Shinshu University very well. For example, the head of the laboratory of macro-ecology and biogeography of invertebrates, professor Maksim Vinarskii had a scientific training in the Japanese University, and the head of the department of Japanology Aleksandr Filippov met Mr Tanaka at a conference in Novosibirsk. Communication between the Russian and Japanese researchers resulted in conclusion of an agreement between the Universities.

Shinshu University was founded in 1949, uniting regional educational institutions of Nagano prefecture. The University comprises eight faculties, numerous laboratories and research centres.

Head of the Office of International Education Cooperation Anna Porodina told the guest that cooperation between St Petersburg University and its Japanese partners is at a very high level at present. Academic exchange programmes and mutual research projects as well as student exchange programmes are being implemented. Among the Japanese partners of St Petersburg University there are not only universities, but business companies and non-commercial organisations, such as Mitsui, JTI, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic. It is worth noting that last year St Petersburg University with the participation of the Embassy of Japan in Russia opened the Japanese cabinet in the University

We are very glad to become a partner of such a renowned university famous for its outstanding graduates.

Shinshu University Vice-President  for International Relations Kiyoshi Tanaka

Head of the International Research and Technology Department Natalia Taranova suggested discussing the areas of future cooperation and spoke about the work of the Research Park of St Petersburg University. Also, she mentioned that the University owns a unique corpus of publications, which includes both manuscripts and electronic versions. St Petersburg University widely supports foreign internships for its researchers.

Mr Kiyoshi Tanaka said that Shinshu University comprises eight faculties, and that he considers academic exchange to be the key area of cooperation. He noted that the interests of both Universities coincide to a considerable extent. For example, Shinshu University develops nanotechnologies, and in particular materials science, ecological and environmental research, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Professor Tanaka said that Shinshu University welcomes foreign researchers and is ready to support them. In February, the results of the competition for arranging foreign academic exchange in Shinshu University will be evaluated and summed up. According to Kiyoshi i Tanaka, another important aspect of the international work of the Japanese University is student exchange programmes.

The parties worked out articles of the agreement for future research collaboration.