The thematic week dedicated to one of the leading Chinese universities and St Petersburg University’s partner has ended at the University. As part of this cycle of events, the Rector of Tsinghua University paid a visit and signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of management.

Sergey Andryushin, Deputy Rector for International Affairs at St Petersburg University, underlined that the multi-faceted, structured cooperation between St Petersburg University and Tsinghua University is developing today as a strategic partnership. Cooperation between universities in the near future will continue through: the organisation of joint centres and laboratories; academic exchange; translation of literature; conferences; seminars; round tables; and sports and cultural events. The University is also ready to support the initiatives of scientists from St Petersburg University and Tsinghua University who are intending to apply for joint grants.

Tsinghua University is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in China. It is ranked first among universities in China in the ARWU ranking.

After negotiating, the parties agreed to: prepare and sign a protocol on academic exchange; develop a plan for joint international conferences for the 2019/20 academic year; and organise work on holding a joint Russian–Chinese start-up competition. Additionally, it is planned to open a centre for testing Russian as a foreign language at the premises of Tsinghua University. There will also be a joint master's programme.

During the meeting, an agreement on cooperation in the field of management was signed in a solemn ceremony.

Qiu Yong, the Rector of Tsinghua University, addressed the university students and staff with a public lecture on ‘Culture and education as the foundation of a perfect future’. He underlined that history and culture are the origins of the national spirit that nourish a source of strength for the future development of the nation.

“Academician Dmitry Likhachev, a graduate of St Petersburg University and a luminary of Russian culture, said: ‘Our cultural heritage is a special jewel. It cannot become a burden that prevents us from moving forward, but, on the contrary, it makes our steps easier’,” cited Qiu Yong, the Rector of Tsinghua University. “We draw strength from history, we get wisdom from culture. Centuries of history and culture give us unconditional faith in ourselves."

The culture of each nation has not only shaped our character, not only influences our present, but also forwards us into the future.
Qiu Yong, the Rector of Tsinghua University

In the same way, university culture should have a solid historical foundation and be evolved from traditions. According to the lecturer, the main value of higher education is not so much to pass down history and culture, but rather to educate new generations. Our future depends on what kind of youth we will bring up today, what kind of education and worldview we will give them. Mr Qiu Yong noted that nowadays universities are facing more and more challenges. They should therefore adhere to their main mission even more strictly – to train people and invest more energy and resources in their education in order to create a favourable environment to develop talent.

‘The process of developing knowledge and skills is also very important. However, more significant is the cultivation of such system of values as: the search for truth, equality, and justice; respect for other people, society and nature; as well as such character traits as courage, determination, self-confidence, and team spirit,’ said the lecturer. ‘Character training with an emphasis on the system of values is the main content of education. Only if a person has the proper system of values, can they turn their skills and knowledge to good advantage.’

During the lecture, Qui Yong shared the experience of Tsinghua University in creating its own culture and preparing top class specialists.