The St Petersburg International Economic Forum saw an announcement of an expert report on the development of Russian–African relations in various fields: from macroeconomics to security cooperation with particular countries.

The project ‘Russia–Africa Shared View 2030’ was announced at the panel discussion “Russia–Africa”. It aroused keen interest among participants from different countries. At the forum, the draft was presented by Andrey Maslov. He is a member of the editorial board of the report, a Russian African expert, and a graduate of St Petersburg University.

According to Andrey Maslov, the materials will be of great interest not only for government bodies, but also for representatives of Russian business. In addition to information on the current state of affairs, this report will contain certain forecasts for the development of Russian–African relations until 2030.

‘We have assembled a team of Russian and African experts to work on the project. At present, it consists of more than 30 specialists in various fields. Our aim is to show what opportunities there are in the region for both Russian business and state and research institutes. We also aim to make the RAVision project a guide for Russian companies in Africa,’ said Andrey Maslov.

He added that university staff and graduates are taking an active part in writing the report. These include not only experts in African and Asian studies and international relations, but also, for example, graduates of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes at St Petersburg University.

The report itself is planned to be presented within the framework of the Russia–Africa Summit in October 2019.