Guzev Viktor G.

Professor Doctor

Гузев В.Г.


  • St.Petersburg
  • 199034
  • Universitetskaya emb., Build. 11, Office 189


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  • Russian (native),
  • Bulgarian (fluent),
  • English (reading),
  • French (reading),
  • German (fluent),
  • Turkish (fluent).


  • 1966-1986: PhD Programme in Turkic Morphology, Faculty of Asian and African Studies, St.Petersburg State University. PhD Thesis: "The Turkic Wordformatıon in the Functional and Semantic Aspects".
  • 1962-1965: Undergraduate Programme "Phonology of Old-Anatolian Language" of Asian and African Studies, St.Petersburg State University. Candidate Thesis "Phonetics of Old-Anatolian Turkıc Language" (XIII-XV centuries).


Professional positions:

  • 1965-1973: Research worker of the Institute for Oriental Studies (SPb)
  • 1973-1976: Senior Lectrurer, Faculty of Asian and African Studies, SPbSU
  • 1976-1988: Associate Professor, Department Turkic Philology, SPbSU
  • 1988-2013: Head of the Department of Turkic Philology, SPbSU
  • Since 1988: Professor of the Department of Turkic Philology, SPbSU


  • Election as Honorary Member of the Turkish Linguistic Society (27.11.2000)
  • Award for Individual Valuable Contribution to Science of the Turkish Republic (20.11.2008)

Professional and social activities:

  • Visiting Professor, Tashkent University, Uzbekistan (1988-1991)
  • Visiting Professor, Samarkand University, Uzbekistan (1990-1991)
  • Visiting Professor, Turkestan University, Kazakhstan (1992)
  • Participation at International Conferencies and Simposiums (1966-2017 every year in Leningrad, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Hamburg, Leipzig, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir/Ala Chati )
  • Traveling through Central Asia with Students (practise) (1974, 1990)

Research interests:

  • Theoretical Turkic Linguistics
  • The Origin and the Structure of the Old Turkic Runic Script (VII-VIII centuries)


  • Grammar of the Modern Turkish
  • Theoretical Turkic Linguistics in the light of the Material of the Old Turkic Runic Texts (VII-VIII centuries )
  • Functional syntax of Turkic Languages
  • Old Anatolian Language (XII-XV centuries)
  • Old Turkic Runic Script in the light of the Grammatology
  • Theoretical Turkish Grammar in Turkish Language
  • Comparative Grammar of the Turkic Languages

PhD students:

  • Abdumumin Babanarov. Programme of Lexical Provision of Turkic-Russan Automatic Translation (degree obtained 21.01.1982)
  • Özlem Deniz-Yilmaz. Nominalization of Actions Category in the Modern Turkish (degree obtained 17.06.2004)
  • Аpollinaria Аvrutina. Trial of Reconstruction of the Phonology of the Old Turkic Runic Monuments Language (degree obtained 30.06.2005)
  • Aliya Suleymanova. Postmodernism in the Contemporary Turkish Novel (Orhan Pamuk’ Works) (degree obtained 28.06.2007)
  • Margarita Dubrovina. The Old Turkic Runic Monuments Language as Source of Information for Construction Turkic Morphology (Substantive Inflection) (degree obtained 13.11.2008)
  • Leyla Ulmezova. Verbal inflexion in Turkish and Karachay-Balkar Languages (degree obtained 29.04.2010)
  • Natalya Matishkina. Nominalization of Actions Category in agglutinative Languages (на материале якутского, халха-монгольского и эвенкийского). (degree obtained12.2013)

Publications: 162, including six tbooks:

  • (In cooperation with A. N. Kononov, N. A. Dulina, Yu. A. Lee) Биобиблиографический словарь отечественных тюркологов. Дооктябрьский период (Biobiblioghraphic Dictionary of Domestic Turkology Scolars (before October 1917), Moscow, 1974 (first editon), 1989 (second edition). 301 p.
  • (In cooperation with O. Deniz Yilmaz, H. Mahmudov-Hadjioglu, L. M. Ulmezova). Турецкий язык. Начальный курс. (Manual of Turkish). Saint-Petersburg: Karo, 2006, 2010, 256 p.
  • [Monograph] Староосманский язык (Oldosman Language). Moscow: «Nauka», 1979. 96 p.
  • [Monograph] Очерки по теории тюркского словоизменения. Имя.  (Theoretical Sketchs about Turkic Inflection. Noun). Leningrad: Edition of Leningrad University, 1987. 144 p.
  • [Monograph] Очерки но теории тюркского словоизменения. Глагол (Theoretical Sketchs about Turkic Inflection.Verbum). Leningrad: Edition of the Leningrad University, 1990. 167 p.
  • [Monograph] Теоретическая грамматика турецкого языка (Theoretical Grammar of the Turkish Language). Saint-Petersburg: Edition of the Saint-Petersburg University, 2015. 320 p.